Rose Bud Felt Flower Tutorial

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Here is another tutorial for my felt flower series.  I previously posted my spiral felt flower tutorial here and my fabric flower tutorial here.  This is another simple tutorial anyone can do!  You can add any of these flowers to wreaths, crafts, or put a pin on them and wear them on a sweater.

This flower I call a rose bud because it has a little bud in the center.   This is a fun way to change up the colors to coordinate with your decor.

Rose bud yellow felt flower tutorial

What you will need:

1 Square of felt for two colors



Glue gun

1 cotton ball


Simply cut a strip of felt 1 1/2 inches wide.

Then another one 1 inch wide.

Cut a small circle of a coordinating color for the center.

yellow blue felt flower

Next, take both strips and cut 1/2 inch into them as shown below.

yellow blue flower strip

Stuff 1/2 of a cotton ball into the center of the circle to form a bud shape.  Wrap the 1 inch piece of felt around the bud shape, hot gluing as you go to hold it all in place and roll it up.

yellow blue rolled felt flower

Now, take the larger strip and place the small flower at the end, then roll it up to form a larger flower.

yellow blue rolled flower

 When you’re finished it will look like this.

yellow blue rolled flower felt

yellow blue felt flower first layer

yellow rose bud flower tutorial

 Felt Flower Tutorial

felt flower tutorial

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  1. I love making little flowers to add to things. This is a very easy and creative way to do this! Thank you for sharing this tutorial with all of us, Marti! Have a great Tuesday! (=

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