Pot Holder Sewing Roll-up Organizer Tutorial

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Happy Tuesday! Thank you for joining me for this weeks Sew Organized Craft Room feature! Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make a sewing organizer from a pot holder. It’s fun, quick, and super easy. Hang it on a wall or roll it up and keep in your purse.

Pot Holder Sewing Organizer at sewlicioushomedecor.com

What you will need:

1 Pot holder

Coordinating fabric

Sewing machine



Pot Holder Organizer Supplies

Just follow these quick and easy steps and you can make one in 30 minutes or less!

Pot Holder Sewing Organizer Tutorial

1) Measure your pot holder. My pot holder size is 7×7.

For this size pot holder you will cut one piece of fabric 7-1/4 inches wide by 8 inches.  Fold it in half long ways and iron.

2)  Cut off the bottom of the pot holder so that it is squared, not round.  It will be about 1/2 inch or so.

3)  Fold over side edges of fabric about 1/4 inch and iron, making sure it lines up to the pot holder. If not, adjust so it will line up to the edges of the pot holder.

4)  Place right side of fabric onto wrong side of potholder. Pin the bottom end of the fabric to the bottom of the pot holder and sew in place. Don’t sew the edges yet!

5)  Now turn the fabric over so the right side of the fabric is showing.  Sew the edges in place as shown.

6)  Sew a few straight lines on the front of the fabric to form pockets.

You’re all done! Wasn’t that easy!  They are so quick to make, why not make one for your friends!

Pot Holder Sewing Hanging Organizer at sewlicioushomedecor.com

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  1. Dian Barnhart
    This would be a great make-up brush holder. And it is washable! Thank you.
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  3. Use a magnetic hook on the side of stove or refrigerator if close to hang pot holders. Always right there where you need them
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  6. What a neat idea - a great gift for a sewing friend.
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  8. I love it! How fun and easy to make... perfect how the pot holder part already has the loopy hook to hang, pinned!

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