Flower Pot Pin Cushions

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Flower Pot Pin Cushions

Flower pots aren’t just for plants.  Turn your flower pots into recycled pin cushions for your sewing room. Get creative and make them in different sizes, use small ones for pin cushions and larger ones add a nice decoration for your sewing room.

I came upon several flower pots at a garage sale and being the almost hoarder that I am I bought all of them, not knowing at the time what I was going to use them for. Now I’m so glad I bought them.

These take about 10 minutes to make. Not only will they add a beautiful accent to your sewing room, they make beautiful gifts for your sewing friends.



  • Make sure your flower pots are clean before you begin.
  • You can paint them or leave them as they are.  If you paint them use acrylic paint.
  • Cut a square piece of fabric. You want it to be fairly larger then the flower pot, you can always cut it down if it’s too much.

Fiber Fill

  • Place a handful of fiber fill in the middle of your square.
  • Turn it over and fit it into the flower pot.  This is when you can cut your square of fabric down if it’s too big, add or take away extra fiber fill.
  • Once it’s in your pot go around the inside edge of the flower pot hot gluing it in place.


This is where you can get creative by adding lace and fabric flowers.  My tutorial for the fabric flowers I used is here. Use a hot glue gun to glue on your decorations.

Other add-ons:

Rick rack
Artificial flowers
Fabric flowers

I came upon a website called Freecycle Network, if you’ve never heard of it it’s definitely worth checking out.  That’s where I found a large bag of decorations filled with lace, rick rack and fabric scraps that I used for these pots, all for free!

How it works is everything is free.  People post items they do not want, if you find something you want you claim the item and let them know when you will pick it up.  They then leave it out on their front porch.  When you go to pick up the item you just take it from the front porch and leave.  You do not knock on the door or even talk to them.  You just grab your bag of free items and leave.

I’ve gotten bag fulls of shipping items such as bubble wrap and shipping boxes, bags of craft magazines, a bag of bottle caps (to use for crafts), a large bag of blue jeans (I got them to make crafts with), fabric, moving boxes…..all for free!

(There is no benefit for me advertising their link, I’m just a fan)

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  3. I love your pin cushions and had never heard of Free Cycle, I joined in my city, thanks for the tip. Have a great weekend Karren PS Very cute kitties :)
    • Hi Karren! I hope you LOVE free cycle! I have received (and gave) so many neat things! The kitties said thank you for your kinds words! :) Have a great weekend.
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  6. These are so cute and a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing. Found you on From The Farm Blog Hop #51. Lea @ www.adropofthis.com
  7. What a cute idea! These are adorable, very creative. I love ♥ how you embezzled them with the tape measure, scrape fabric, fabric flowers. Too cute! Thanks for sharing! Pinning and sharing!
  8. How cute. Combining two things I truly enjoy.
  9. Awesome project! Love it! Have a wonderful week! Hugs and love from Portugal, Ana Love Craft www.lovecraft2012.blogspot.com
  10. How creative and darling! I love these so much!

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