Easy Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

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An easy tutorial for a zippered Cosmetic Bag.  This bag is sew easy even a beginner can make it.  If you know how to use a sewing machine, then you can make this!  It’s sew easy!  It’s perfect for keeping your favorite make-up in!

Easy Cosmetic Bag Tutorial at sewlicioushomedecor.com

I participated in K & C Supplies Free Sewing Supplies for Tutorials Exchange and they supplied the zipper for this tutorial.


Fabric-thick or quilted works best

7″ Zipper


Cut 2 pieces of fabric 9-1/2″ wide by 5-1/2″ tall

Cut 2 small pieces 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″.

Cosmetic Bag 1

 Fold both small pieces 1/4″

Cosmetic Bag 2

Then fold in half.

CosmeticBag 3

Place the end of zipper in between folded edge.

Cosmetic Bag 5

And sew in place.  Do this to both ends of the zipper.

Cosmetic Bag 4

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Place zipper face down and one piece of fabric on top with wrong side up. Pin zipper in place.

Cosmetic Bag 8

Sew in place.

Cosmetic Bag 7

Line up the other piece of fabric to the other side of zipper with wrong side of fabric facing up.

CosmeticBag 9

It should look like this afterwards.

Cosmetic Bag 12

Unzip zipper half way.  (so you can turn right side out later)

Fold so that right side are facing each other and wrong sides are facing out.

Pin edges together and sew in place.

CosmeticBag 14

When sewing up the edge where the zipper is, fold the piece of fabric out, don’t tuck it underneath.

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Then sew right over it to close up the end.

Cosmetic Bag 15

After you have sewn the edges together fold in the bottom corners as shown and measure 1″.

Mark with a pen and sew across.

CosmeticBag 17 

This will make the corners look like this.

CosmeticBag 19
You’re all done!

Go right to the FREE .pdf file to download for free @ Craftsy!

Download the FREE TUTORIAL here!

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  3. Great idea! It would also be great in a laminate - I always have something that leaks in my cosmetic bags!
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  6. So pretty! Thank you for the tutorial. I think my daughter might like one of these.

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