DIY Smores Christmas Tree Ornament

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DIY Smores Christmas Tree Ornament

A delicious ornament for your tree.  This S’mores Christmas Tree Ornament will be a perfect ornament for a S’mores bar or add it to your holiday tree  just because it’s cute!

DIY Smores Peppermint Christmas Tree Ornament

I want to eat my Christmas tree! I hope these cute and delicious ornaments make it till Christmas without getting eaten!

I love the colors of the peppermints and white marshmallows, they make this a perfect decoration for my tree.

I have a miniature tree to put these on and take with me to a Christmas party.

Most people show up with food, or wine, or gifts….but I’m going to be more creative this year and bring a Christmas s’mores tree.

A Smores-Christmas-Tree-Ornaments

They are very easy to make. I just crushed up graham crackers and layered in the ingredients and topped it off with lots of mini marshmallows.

You can use green and red m&m’s for additional color if you wish.


1 Clear plastic ornament-I found mine at Walmart but you can probably get them at any craft store

Graham crackers


Chocolate chips or M&M’s

Mini marshmallows


plastic clear ornament

Just layer in the ingredients how you wish and top it off with a pretty bow.

Enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by!

xoxo, Marti

Here’s more holiday inspiration! 

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Sewing Ornament with buttons


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  4. Haha! Such a cute idea! Thanks for linking up to the Creative Spark last week!
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  8. I love this idea! Smores are my favorite and this is such a cute gift idea too. Happy Holidays! Felicia | Beloved Style
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  10. Such a great idea! Your photos are gorgeous as well :) Found you on The Sits Girls link party!
  11. what a cute idea and totally festive...will have to try this with Dino. Thanks for sharing. Happy Saturday Sharefest.

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