DIY Flower and Teapot Ribbon Holder

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Happy Tuesday everyone!  Welcome to today’s Sew Organized Craft Room series!  Today I’m featuring a way to keep your ribbon organized.  Spring is near and I love all the bright pretty Spring colors.  So I went shopping…..again. This time at Michaels.  I found the cutest bright and cheerful flowers I’ve ever seen!  They came in green, blue, yellow, and orange and I had to have everyone of them.

That’s how I came up with today’s feature.  Since they are on loooong stems, I ran several spools of ribbon through the stem and placed it on top of one of my favorite teapots, I found at a thrift store.  To hold the stem on the teapot, I just used a larger spool on bottom that fit perfectly around the entire edge of the teapot.  It stays in place perfectly. Then I bent the flower a little so it would show.  Not only will this hold your ribbons, it makes a beautiful decoration for your craft room!

DIY #Flower and #Ribbon Holder at

I usually make these posts early in the morning….sooner rather than later!  But I have a good reason why it was later. Well, two good reasons.  My computer crashed….grrr.  There’s nothing worse than being so excited to make a post and your computer crashes! Thankfully, I was able to get it restored. I’m sooooo thankful for my computer!  There are only a few things in life I can’t live without, and my computer is one. of. them.

Reason number two….I was waiting and ready to post this this morning at 10:00AM and not 8AM, because I wanted some great sunlight.  When taking photo’s, lighting is everything.  To learn tips and secrets on taking photo’s with good lighting, see my post on my new Photography 101 Series-Lighting.

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  1. Forgot to tell you I found you today via SITSShareFest!
  2. Ok seriously I am about to jump for joy over here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE This! You have so inspired me today. I have a little white tea pot with no lid I have no idea what to do with but it was to cute to get rid of,,,, NOW I know. WOW is all I can say.
  3. Really cute ribbon holder, but great pictures!
  4. I love this teapot! Such a cute idea!
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