How To Make A Felt Poinsettia with Gift Tags

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How To Make A Felt Poinsettia with Gift Tags

Dress up your holiday packages this year with pretty Poinsettias.  They make a beautiful addition to your holiday packages and you can make them in any color to match your wrapping paper.  They are so pretty to have around the house this time of year. Other things you can do with them is glue them onto a holiday wreath, pin them onto a stocking or pillow, make a poinsettia garland, use as a gift topper, a tree ornament, a magnet or even wear them.

They are made from felt, which is super easy to work with.  There is NO sewing!  The tutorial is very easy and it’s a craft even children can do.

How to make a poinsettia flower with free gift tags from

Poinsettia Flower Tutorial at

Felt squares


Glue gun or Elmer’s glue

Poster board or card stock paper

Circle(s) cut out from pattern-Cut one circle per poinsettia on card stock or poster board.

(You can make them in any size so if you want a larger flower cut a larger circle or cut a small circle for smaller flowers).

Circle in .jpeg file (if you don’t have a pdf reader) OR Circle in .pdf

Petals pattern

Petals in .jpeg file(If you don’t have a pdf reader) OR Petals in .pdf

Acrylic Gems or any other object you would like to put in the center

If you want to pin the poinsettia to a sweater or pillow you will also need a 1 inch bar pin.


Cut out circle from pattern for each poinsettia you want to make.  Or use a cup to cut out a 2 3/4 inch circle.

1. Cut 14 large petals from pattern.2. Cut 7 medium petals from pattern.3.  Cut 6 small petals from pattern.First, cover the circle with a piece of felt.

Glue 7 large petals to circle.  Make sure the ends all meet together in the center.


Fill in the gaps by gluing another 7 large petals onto flower.


Next, glue on 6-7 medium petals.


Lastly, glue on 6 small petals.


Add a bead or button in the center.


Glue or tape onto your packages.   They will add a pretty addition to your tree.

 How to make a poinsettia with free gift tags at

Download gift tags.  FREE Warm Wishes 

Warm Wishes Gift Tags
felt flower tutorial

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  1. Very pretty! I bet these would be gorgeous in larger sizes too! Thanks for linking to Show Me Saturday. Pinning!
  2. So very pretty! Great tutorial!
  3. these are so pretty! thanks for sharing how to make them :)
  4. What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you for sharing how to make your Felt Poinsettia at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Pinned your tutorial!! Lovely:) I posted to USS Crafty. See you have a party too. I'll stop in. Following your blog now Follow me back:) Thanks
  6. Wow. Really nice pointsettias! Thanks for linking to the Ornament Party. Have a great Christmastime. Linda
  7. You have been on a crafting roll this holiday season! My daughter (age 8) and I will have to try our hand at making these. We just made felt bird ornaments through her 4H club last weekend. We love felt too!

  8. You made this look easy and it's so cute too. Thanks!
  9. I have got to tell my daughter about your website. I make jewelry but she makes all types of crafts and she would love it.
  10. Simple but festive--and so many ways to use these--Thank you
  11. You're clever. It looks great.
  12. Cute DIY! I am working on some felt ornaments and stockings myself. It's one of my favorite fabrics to work with :)


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