Decorating Colors-Tips to Create Your Room

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Hello friends!  Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day!  This weeks Friday’s freebie are free tips on how to use color to decorate with.

Here are some popular colors used to decorate with and a little description about each color.


Decorating Color Guide

RED:  Dramatic and energizing, passionate and romantic.

YELLOW:  Uplifting, happy, and optimistic.  Promote creativity.

PINK:  Pink is not just for little princesses anymore.  It’s popular in a lot of different decorating types.

APRICOT:  Energizing by day, but relaxing at night.

GREEN:  Represents life and renewal.  Light and airy.  Dramatic, refreshing, and inviting.

GRAY-BLUE:  Comforting and inviting.

BURGUNDY, BLACK,  BROWN, and DARK BLUE:  Serious, powerful and also great comfort.

PURPLE:  Young and lively.

GRAY:  Neutral, sophisticated, and mellow.


  1. I love these tips! Especially with the color pink! :)

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