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Welcome to Tuesday’s Sew Organized feature!  Join me every Tuesday for a crafty, craft room feature!  Today I’m speaking to all of you who crochet.  I’ve tried my hand at a few times and learned a few stitches, but you guys are so much better at crocheting than I am, so I will stick with sewing and leave crocheting to all of you!

Crochet free printables at

I made these cute little crocheting note cards so that you can keep record of all your projects and what type of yarn(s) you use. You can print it out as a full page and keep the page in a notebook or cut out each card and keep them stored in a little box.  One of my readers Dena, says “You could even add a picture to the page in the notebook!”

Click on photo below to download!

They are free!

Crochet note cards


~BIG list of Crochet Patterns~


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  1. Tabatha Wagner
    I would like to Thank You as well!! I am always switching projects to work on another one (who does that right!) Sometimes forgetting which hook I used. This is Perfect!
  2. Loved it!! Just what I needed. It takes care of everything that should be noted. Thank you so much! :)
  3. Great idea! You could even add a picture to the page in the notebook.

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