The Kitties

Callie baby

My daughter thinks I am the crazy cat lady.  Before I started my blog I ran a cat shelter out of my home.  I had 10 cats at one time.  To me it was heaven.  Every morning I would wake up so excited to always have kitties to play with. They stayed in their own room, which was a sun room that they loved to lounge in. I knew it would be too much to have 10 cats running around the house so I was glad to have a sun room to keep them in.

When I moved I no longer ran the shelter, but could not have a home without kitties.  I had heard Ragdolls are the most lovable cats because when you pick them up they literally go limp. I looked online and happened to find a Ragdoll kitten for sale by a breeder who was even near by. I could not resist. I immediately contacted the breeder to see if she was still available and before I knew it I was the owner of a new mitted calico Ragdoll kitten! She’s everything they describe about a Ragdoll. Very sweet, affectionate, she goes limp when I pick her up, and follows me everywhere I go! I decided to call her Callie, short for calico.

About one month later my daughter had 3 calico kittens that needed a home.  Most people would take one kitten, but I had to have all three! There was even one that matched my Ragdoll Callie, so I named her Twinkie.

They are 5 years old now and I have enjoyed every minute of them!

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Callie The Host

Callie-full breed Ragdoll Mitten Calico