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Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

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This Sandal Zipper Pouch is fun and will be perfect for Summer! Make one for yourself and one for your friends.  This step-by-step tutorial is quick and easy.

It’s designed for beginners to advanced sewers. If you can sew, you can do this!

Sandle Zipper Pouch Tutorial made by  Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

 I am so excited to share this tutorial. It’s one I made myself. When I was at the mall looking at all the Summer sandals, the idea came to me to sew one.  I traced the bottom of a sandal for my pattern.  It’s easy and quick and lot’s of fun to make!

Pick out some fun fabric and you’re ready to begin!

Pre-wash your fabric!

What you will need:


Contrasting fabric

7″ Zipper


Sandal Pattern

zipper pouch supplies Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Print the sandal pattern then pin it to your fabric.  Cut 4 pieces total.  One for the front, one for the back and two for the lining.   I stack my fabric then pin the pattern to all the layers so I only have to cut once.

Now let’s match your fabric up.  Were going to assemble the front pieces and the back pieces.

Put the fabric your going to use for the FRONT on top with right side showing, then place the piece you want to use for it’s lining underneath it. WRONG sides together.   Make sure the WRONG sides are together and both right sides are showing.

I will refer to these pieces as the ‘the front’.

For the back of the two left over pieces…one is going to be the back and one is the backs lining.  Lay the lining piece down with the WRONG side facing up and lay the back piece on top WRONG sides together.  The RIGHT side will be facing up.

I will refer to these pieces as ‘the back’. 

You will work with these as if they were one piece.  Keep them together all through the tutorial.

It’s down hill from here!  The most important part is making sure you have the fabrics matched up correctly.  So double check the steps above just to be sure.

Now, take your FRONT piece(s) and place it FACE DOWN on one side of the zipper exactly as shown below.  Zipper is facing right side up.

Sew in place.

zipper tut 31 Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Finished look with right side facing up.

zipper tut 2 Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Now take your back pieces, WRONG side facing UP and place it on the other side of the zipper as shown below.

Sew in place.  Make sure it lines up with the other side, so that when you turn them to sew them together, they line up evenly together.

zipper tut1 Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

It should look like this when you are finished.

sewn zipper2 Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Now, unzip the zipper about half way and bring the RIGHT sides together.

Sew up the sides and edges.

zipper tutorial2 Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Fold the zipper then sew right over it as shown  below.

See how the zipper is open…that’s so you can turn it right side out afterwards.

zipper tutorial Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Cut off the access zipper then turn right side out.  For the pom pom on top see my Pom Pom Wreath for the tutorial.

Congratulations! You did it! icon smile Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Sandle Zipper Pouch Tutorial Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

For this project I used my Scissor Stand

Scissor Stand at  Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

and my Magnetic Pin Holder

DIY Magnetic Pin Holder Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial

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 Summer Sandal Zipper Pouch Tutorial
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  1. This is simply AWESOME !!
    I love the fabric, it’s so pretty and so summer-like :)
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