How To Remove Sticky Labels from Glass Bottles

I love saving glass bottles and jars, but don’t like that sticky residue left from the labels. I found a quick and simple way to remove that sticky feeling and I didn’t need to run to the store to buy any products.


First, peel off the paper.  Soak it in boiling water if you have to.

Next, rub it a few times with a cotton ball and nail polish remover.

Then using a terry cloth rag put a glob of peanut butter on the bottle and wipe it several times with the rag.  The oil in the peanut butter along with the terry cloth rag, lifts off the stickiness.

Repeat with nail polish again.  For stubborn labels you may have to alternate between the nail polish remover and peanut butter a few more times, but it will get rid of it!

When it’s totally gone, run it through the dishwasher to get it all nice and clean.  Now you have a beautiful jar!

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