Gift Wrapping Tutorial with Wax Paper

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Wrap your holiday loafs in decorative wrapping paper using wax paper.  All you need is 2 sheets of wax paper and tissue paper.  All you do is cut out your shapes from tissue or you can use this heart pattern that I used, lay your cut out shapes on top of a piece of wax paper, then place another piece of wax paper over your cut outs.  Iron to seal it.

DIY Wax Paper Gift Wrap at

What You will need


Wax paper

Tissue paper

Napkins or paper towels



I started out using green paper, then made another one using red.  I like the way red shows up more.  Since this was for a Christmas gift I wanted to use something with more vibrant Christmas colors.


Cut out your shapes and lay them on a piece of was paper.  It doesn’t matter what side you put them on.


Lay another piece of wax paper on top.


Put a paper towel or napkin under neath the bottom piece of was paper.


Then put a paper towel or napkin on top.


With a warm iron, iron over paper towels.   After a few seconds your wax paper will seal together.  Continue ironing over wax paper with paper towel until you have ironed over entire piece of wax paper.

Now you’re ready to wrap your loafs.  Add a ribbon and gift tag after wrapping your loaf  and you’re done!

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