Fall Decorating with Recycled Tin Cans


These Fall decorations using recycled tin cans make a beautiful decoration for your table or mantle. 

Fall tin cans. Recycle tin cans for Fall home decorating. sewlicioushomedecor.com

Now that Labor day is over its time to get out the Fall decor! Fall only comes once a year so I like to enjoy it for as long as I can!

One of my favorite things to do is recycle things, like anything, into a craft project. Which means my closet is full of things I cannot bring myself to throw away. Like 50 empty egg cartons, or the box full of toilet paper rolls or tin cans waiting for a new life.

Tin cans are so easy to work with, especially when you need something simple and quick…….and beautiful!


The Fall colors make everything look so pretty, which is just one more reason to love Fall! Right?

I love these gorgeous big flowers. I found them at Wal-mart. They have a clip on the back so I just clipped them to the can. I bought them for a Fall wreath I am working on {coming soon!} and thought since they are so lovely and beautiful they would be perfect for the tin cans. What do you think?


Since tin cans come in so many sizes you can decoarte small cans, like what pineapples comes in, by painting them and clipping name tags on them, then put glasses in them to prevent cup rings from getting on the table.

For larger decorations like a mantle use coffee cans.

All you do is wrap large ribbon around the can and tape the ends together or hot glue them to the can.

You can glue small flowers to the front of the ribbon. You can also wrap smaller ribbon around the large ribbon for a bow.

Fill the can with flowers. You can even add water and use fresh flowers.


I love making these for all the holidays….Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, 4th of July, and Easter. They also make beautiful centerpieces for birthday parties!

This craft has been featured at AllFreeHolidayCrafts.  Check them out for lots of holiday craft ideas!

Leave me a comment with your ideas and how you plan to use them! ?


  1. “I love these gorgeous big flowers. I found them at Wal-mart…” What is it with Walmart? Everyone but me get paid to advertise for them? There are ghost towns all over the U.S. Because of Walmart. Don’t get me wrong, I just left over $100 there yesterday. It’s getting harder to do – but when I can, I purchase from local merchants. – sorry – “Soap box” I am also frugal. I can’t seem to get rid of anything. Good idea… I also use cans… I punch holes in the side to place candles in. Pretty at night. I love cans and have “bunches” of ideas for them. Thank you, I’m going to try that. Have a great day 😀

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